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Thurday’s Daily Domain Drops and Name Auctions

Drove up to Chicago for the day to take care of some business.  Man I love the city.  Something about it that gets me motivated.  Maybe it’s the people that are all dressed up or maybe it’s all the young people going to work. I’m trying to buy another condo as prices have dropped like a rock with the economy and the over building.  The problem is the damn it not being the primary residence.  They frickin kill you on the rates.  Oh well, maybe I’ll make some big cash on one of these domains and just pay cash. It’s back.  It’s not going to be cheap but it IS a rare domain 4 great letters , one low price A domain for 75% of the country…….and the country itself Girls, animals, or a bunch of television stations, …….you decide It’s a bit cliche but who cares at this price. Swimming is going to be the next big hobby.  As a morning swimmer, I am seeing the lanes fill up more and more each morning every year.  It needs to become “cool” for all races and then it will really explode. 3 letter dot net but pronounceable. This is a pretty nice one as well I would buy it but I only buy dot com agriculture domains but still a good name I know this one is 20 days out but I noticed it went up to auction with no reserve.  These things may not replace guns but they’re here to stay and a heck of a name.

And make sure to stop by The guys who helped me find all these names

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4 Replies to “Thurday’s Daily Domain Drops and Name Auctions”

  1. Taser is a trademarked term of TASER International, Inc. Who ever wins the auction could face challenge from them. I am surprised they haven’t gone after the owner yet.

  2. with only one bit is interesting. You have found quite a few gambling domains lately.

    I would think with a perceived loosening of online gambling that these names would be very hot.

    Guess we will see where the tax collectors go next.

  3. I agree with your swimming evaluation – my daughter just started competitive swimming and I’m surprised how many people are out there swimming. Maybe it’s just here with Auburn Univ being the college swimming mecca, but even in the mornings at the gym I see a lot of people in the pool. Not me, but a lot of OTHER people.

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