Thursday’s Big List From Today’s Auction and Dropping Domains

Oct 13 2011

I don’t laugh very often at domain related posts but this one was hilarious.  Andrew Allemann evidently has a doppelganger or a twin separated at birth.  I showed the picture to 20 people and every single one of them said “Damn, are they twins” .  Andrew takes off a few pounds and loses a little hair and they could start a magic show in Vegas. Here are today’s names The name doesn’t really appeal to me but I’m attracted to the sexiness of a 1991 domains. Great repeating letters and 1995 birthday. HUGE name.  A steal under $5K I think you could still pull of a great directory on a dot org. Not a huge list so pretty easy to build a site in this category 1999   Good name but obviously not as good as  On the bright side it’s better than than Not sure the past tense is the best, but hoping someone will build it out with pictures of pretty girls in bodypaint. Somebody throw this old man a bone. It’s a dot net but certainly worth a hundred, maybe two hundred. I don’t think you’re going to sell it to the owners of  The printing business hasn’t been that strong. Works with dot org for me Great name for a data site. I have trouble renewing my domains so I may not be able to do this Hey, everyone has a fetish

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