Giving You a “RoundToIt” : Thursday’s Hot List of Websites Up For Auction Around the Net Today

May 17 2012


Each day I take a look through Flippa and other sites that have websites for sale and try and drill down the names that I present an opportunity for long term income or a flip.  Like any purchase that you make, make sure to do your own homework before buying.  Here are a few that I thought had some value and yes I know we could build similar sites.  But if you are like me you never get around to it. I am giving you a “round toit” with this list.   The domain alone has a lot of value but the site is very interesting.  The way its laid out now would be piracy but it could easily be transformed into a trailer and video selling site.  Already gets great traffic and growing.  The users are looking to view online movies and they are not getting it and will until everyone figures out that movies can no longer be viewed.  Its a lot of money but great potential.  I love the concept here.  Its a sight of brain games and to be a full you have to take an IQtest.  Love the idea of the site.  Making no money but traffic seems to be increasing.  A PR 4 site which has a little value on its own.  There’s a site on the domain but its the domain name that has the value here.  Not sure of the reserve but worth at least $5K IMO  I was talking to someone the other day who was thinking about setting up a very similar site.  This would would give you a head start.  They are claiming $250 in advertising which would be a pretty quick payback.  I may actually bid on this one.

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