Thursday’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping

Oct 06 2011

It was a tough night for us in the family.  My family has been using Apple computer since 1978.  We have never had a pc.  I remember being cool in the 70’s, ridiculed in the 80’s, ignored in the 90s, and then cool again in the 2000’s.  We are in real tight with a few software manufacturers because we were one of the few businesses using their software in the 80s.   I tried to get Steve Jobs’ autograph for 30 years and it is the only person I didn’t get an autograph from on my “people I’d like to have an autograph” list.  It was easier getting three Presidents of the United States autographs than his.  Apple is and will always be more than just Steve Jobs but they’ll never be the same without him.  Now onto the names. You know Florida right?  Where New Yorkers go to die. 2004   With Groupon and Living Social heating up I think this one is cheap at this price.  At first I thought dealguide would be better but a guide would have multiple deals. Or you could go the pimp route $5300 valuate. I know, I know that means squat.  I like it.  NOW it’s worth something A whole organization devoted to the number 600, beautiful. Three letter dot org. Seem to be reaching $200-$400  There are 15-20 more three letter dot orgs up today. 1998 Birthday.  No bids for this pretty decent 5L to com. It’s a brandable but at least you have an endpoint.  Once you reach 1001 you can quit I know it is infringing but just pointing it out. It has the word cloud in it so it must be worth millions. I think the best way to use this one is for the new trend in compact cars.

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  1. Perry

    Do you use Dropday for finding dropping domains? It’s been down for numerous days now for me and wondering if anyone else is having problems, too.

    Plus, the support is terrible. Nobody ever responds.

    1. Post author


      Just talked to Sergie and he’s going to have everything fixed next week. He’s dedicated to fixing everything but has had some other issues in the way. When Sergie says he’s going to take care of something he always takes care of it.

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