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This Morning’s Interesting Corporate Registrations:

As I persuse Daily Changes I noticed a few interesting registrations that caught my eye.  When you go through domain acquisitions companies such as Mark Monitor’s adds you’ll notice they’ve done a combination of new registrations and “URDP-less” securing of their client’s trademarks.  Here are a few new and acquired names I found interesting. At first glance I thought it was just a registration for Microsoft for Windows phone lovers but they also registered which leads me to believe this could be the name of a new Phone.  If this is the case not the greatest name in my opinion. Looks like eventually the Fire will have 3G even though Amazon doesn’t offer it presently. Getty Images registered this name and if you’ve ever followed the paparazzi this is how they make their money. The snap a photo, send it in as quickly as they can and the new companies hopefully buy it. Wells Fargo made a four letter dot com owner very happy with this purchase Bacardi acquired this one.  It’s not just a beverage it’s a

Domain Spotlight:

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