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Thursday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-21-12

I was talking to a person yesterday about how I’m qualified to place a value on a domain.  My answer was simple, I make a living placing value on things.  We grow trees from cuttings or small twigs that take a various amount of time to mature in to a sellable product.  I can’t do a normal markup like a traditional retailer because my cost is mostly time.  I have to determine my price on what the market will bare, what others are selling similar products for, and the amount of time and money it takes to bring to market.  It’s just as much art as it is science.  Domains are very similar other than adding in potential revenue from the words in the name. But that’s not a guarantee.  You are mostly selling potential.   So while they are completely different animals, the pricing is similar from the fact that you are setting price based on something other than input costs.  So what I’m really saying is, I’m no less qualified than anyone else to give my opinion on the price of a domain.  Here’s today’s list. I can already see the slogan for this brand. Take a short walk at  I know you guys would like this one I went to a place where they had wine on tap but not sure what wine tap is otherwise. Still like the name It’s listed at $130 which, although not that old of a name, is a pretty nice name. If I had a wish it would be for 10 more wishes. National Coconut Bowling League?  Easy to remember and short.  No bidders.  14 years old  A bit of a mouthful but if you are selling a work schedule solution this is the one for you Ville names are in style right now. The key is to sell to Zynga and not get sued by them. Under $100 is a good buy IMO for this name

BendyouOverADeskandF#$  Yes, the most NSFW name ever on my list.  And to think its 12 years old.  Pretty sure this won’t show up on Eisemann or those other new affiliate lists.  I’ve never been a huge fan of NNNN.coms that start with 0 but they still consistently sell for good money.  And who cares what I think  I am in on this one up to $5000  Another nice one.  These haven’t been making reserves but worth a shot  Portuguese for credit  Great name.  Ironic and witty.   They would certainly remember it. Not a great resale name but when you build a brand you want a name like this.  Of course no bidders , 12 years old   Means “fighting chicken”  in Hindi  I feel bad for doctors.  They have your life in your hands and their not allowed to make mistakes that all humans are prone to do.  But most of my friends are doctors so I may be a bit biased  If you buy or sell you are going to need one



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  1. Portuguese for credit it’s Crédito ( and not Creditar 😉

    Believe me… I’m portuguese 😀


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