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Wednesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net

It was a pleasure to come in and do this list after the ridiculous hot weather we’re having here in the Midwest. Over 40 years I have never seen a year like we’ve had this year.  We have had so much sunlight in the last three months that the back of my neck looks like a 50 year old leather couch.  My running partner is a doctor and I’ve noticed he is purposely slowing up his pace just to check for cancer on my deep, color of black tea, skin.  Who knew sitting in front of a computer for hours would be the healthiest thing I did all day?  Here’s today’s list aka the “Garden Path” to bad investments.  I think that was the term Mr. Irrelevant used.  Enjoy I put these two names up first to show some of the new investors how liquid the three character dot coms have been. This and names similar to the one below are regularly reaching $500 plus.  Good home site name.  11 years old.  Everyone loves the word Amazing.  Am I right Morgan?  No bidders  Another very popular Chinese name with a lot of bidders  Another aged brandable.  12 years old.   Just sounds so powerful.  No bidders   15 years old.  Because difficultexport wouldn’t have the same appeal I know, you’d want to own to make this one work but its cheap and lots of easy ideas for development.  What would a list be without a DD ?  Already a few companies with this name.  Sounds like a dance from the 80s.  No bidders  Blog name all the way  Good keywords and only 2 bidders  Somebody really wants this name. Already at $500.  I am the dirt king.  I just had 3000 yards brought in. Crowd sourcing still seems to be hot

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Domain Spotlight: