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Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-22-12

Headed out this weekend to do a short tri called The Bigfoot Tri at Lake Geneva Wisconsin.  Going with two friends (of course both doctors) and we going like pros. Have the RV as a home base and parked real close to the finish.  It’s funny because its an Olympic distance of .9 mile swim, 30K bike, and 10K run and I feel like its a jaunt in the park.  I should be able to keep it under 3 hours but never done one this short so I have no idea.  I’m more of a long distance kind of guy.  So I may break my list streak on Sunday and I see Wisconsin the hard way.  But here is today’s for you to peruse. I thought you guys might like this one. Especially since its a 1999 domain and $12 with no bidders. Or WAS $12 Short and a real word. Not a great brand but the price reflects it.  I’m a huge fan of the crazy ass guys.  This one has a very fair reserve over at Brannans Auction that ends today Usually a good when it ends in a C  I always hit the cones so I never did get my boating license.  We won’t even get into my parallel parking problem  A bargain under $10K IMO  Ahhh.  Had my first Coke that year  And the LLL.coms keep coming  And coming     I think these are the best three of the day  If you have kids you probably typed this into a search bar at one point.  Long but the searches will pay for it quickly  I have a domain boner with all these NNNN.coms today  Surprised there are only 8 bidders at press time   Past tense but still a dictionary word.   Very few bidders Not a tremendously valuable name but I like the sound of it and comes across as a tutorial type site. Not a bad name for under $50  It’s a PR5 so thus all the bids  Again a high PR domain so being bid for pagerank more than quality of name






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3 Replies to “Friday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 6-22-12”

  1. Thanks (again) for the list. Just this week I searched for the cost of braces – that domain may have legs.

    Wondered if you were ok since you had a rare miss yesterday.

    1. JoeB,

      Shit!! I didn’t hit publish. I spent two hours on the list and didn’t even post it. I don’t mind not making money but I hate wasting time

  2. Glad to hear that all is good with you Shane.

    Have fun at your event this weekend. I think that one would kill me. I’m doing the mud run in Whistler tomorrow.

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