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Hot Friday Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

There have been some pretty good names coming up for auction lately.  I am in the market for a name right now but being a little picky.  It needs to be a dot com and one word.  Those are my only rules right now. After that it’s gut feel.  Maybe I should just try and buy but I don’t think GE is going to sell it to me cheap. Here are today’s names Why anyone would buy this is beyond me.  With the popularity of the FourSquare you would be nothing but squatting 1997 birthday and has a very nice sound to it.  Only 1 bidder Other than California, there probably isn’t a place with more pools than Florida.  There are also more old people there I’m not sure I would call it category killer but a nice name No bidders on this nice name.  I can think of a ton of uses for the name All I can think of is Honda Good letters I hire people to fix everything but maybe I’ll start going to after you make the site I love Little Big Town.  Big fan

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  1. “Hond” is actually dutch for “dog” so it definitely has multiple end-user possibilities since approximately 28 million people in the world speak dutch.

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