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Sep 08 2011


My name is Tucker Perret and  I’m convinced that my addition to Shane 2.0 was the result of a lost bet or bribe.  Either way, I join the ranks of veteran Domainers for the sake of sharing experience and perspective.   Like many in this industry I have a trading background – equities and commodities – and added Domains to the fray a few years back.  I’ve got more names in my portfolio than friends on Facebook and consider them of equal value in some cases.  The exceptions are well aware.

For the sake of brevity I’ll spare readers of quotes and gesticulation.  I’m a no-nonsense writer who enjoys trends, but appreciates the quick flip.  I’m a graduate student, so you know my nose is glued to the books and computer screens already.  Coffee flows through my veins, and  like many type-A’s, I wreak of competitiveness.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, or you’re a newbie gaining perspective – you’ll likely value the statistics.  Numbers are emotionless, unlike many of my peers.  So if you relish the auction, upping your bid to avoid bruising your ego, you’ll find no sympathy here. Do your homework, find a great name, make a realistic offer, and move on.  Same goes for sellers.

I consider myself somewhat opinionated, but more of a realist.  I have worked with start up businesses – including a few internet co.’s – and can give you some clues of what investors are looking for from the money side perspective.  I am acutely aware of Trademark and Copyright issues and since I’m focusing on Internet Law, hope there may actually be a job on the other end of this experience.

You’ll continue to get good advice here – despite my addition – but you’ll also get some good reviews, a few comparisons, and names we think can add to your portfolio or make good flips if properly developed.  Some observations may have nothing to do with Domains, but they’ll likely highlight an industry we feel has growth potential, or which may been saturated and needs avoiding.  Alcohol is not such an example, so expect it to influence both content and style of the writing.

The advice you don’t pay for, may be the most valuable. TP

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  1. Michael

    Whattttttup T. Pain (wonder if anyones ever called you that before), nice to meet you, welcome to the blog. Cant wait for the advice and unique writing style to compliment this awesome blog.

    Goods writer picks Shane, seriously. Gonna get reallll awesome around here!

    Good luck and best wishes!


  2. Beth Aycock

    Now I know what you’ve been working on in Torts!
    I normally would be asking for tutoring and notes, but apparently I’ll be asking about Domain advice instead. You’ve got a new follower!

  3. Clay Burt

    Congrats Tucker – good pick Shane!

    Looking forward to seeing what you got – hopefully some humor though – too much law’in makes my head hurt.

    1. TuckerPerret

      What’up Michael
      Appreciate the well-wishes. Haven’t been mistaken for T-Pain, but I feel a new nickname coming on…

      Like Mike, you may have congratulated Shane early!!
      God I hope I can add a little humor around here, but can guarantee you there will be plenty of lawlessness – this I have covered.

  4. Mike

    A new nickname huh? I’m sure you’ve been called Tucker the mother *ucker before.

    Love the new writers so far. How about you guys make Shane put down the keyboard and do all the writing?

    1. TuckerPerret

      Hey Mike,
      Many a nickname directed my way over the years compliments of have ‘-uck-‘ in my name. I’m a fan of all, and appreciate originality, so keep ’em coming. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to a new Post Title…like “Mother Tucker’s Thread.” I’ll give you credit for that one.

  5. Prakhar Agrawal

    Loved this article.

    With just the right mix of sense and humor, I can say that you definitely have that ‘flair’ for writing. I am sure that among the scores of domaining blogs that read like Google News, your articles will definitely stand out.

    Looking forward to more crispy humor.

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