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Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions: Big Names Today

Ryan Perret must read my blog.  Yesterday he registered the available hand register  I’m guessing my thank you gift is in the mail.  Speaking of thank yous. I’d like to give one to Jamie at DotWeekly for emailing me within seconds of the drop of which I registered immediately.  I smell a new email addy. Now onto today’s names.  There are some fantastic names today.  Too many to list but here’s my shot at it. Plenty of uses for this name.  Certainly relevant with all the crazy weather and tornadoes around the country this month.  Fantastic name and a real bargain at the present price My favorite of the Sedo names, especially at this price.  A perfect companions with Dude this name is awwwwesome. Electronic payments are the hottest thing since paypal.  Wait. I guess they’ve been hot for a while. I’d love to have this name.  Make some kind of online congratulator How can you not like this one?  After visiting Boston for the first time I can attest it’s one of the greatest cities in the nation. I have liked this name every time it comes up for sale.  Been up quite a few times and gets more expensive each time.  I like it because I could use it to represent Ag or Agriculture No love at but 92,000 searches and 12 years old.  29 bidders I like this one as well, strong name.  I should buy it to go with my  I thought I had seen it on the FortunateDomains newsletter in the past but I might be mistaken The only reason to buy this one is that it’s a PR6.  That’s reason enough for the links alone. Like the moon and the stars and the skies. Damn this is a fantastic name and I think it goes for a fair price. 1998 domain with no bidders.  I can already see the logo for this great brandable domain. 1998 registration Amazing what great business models have been built on free.  No bidders Could give a little help for people that change their names through marriage or Ima Hog type birth names

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13 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions: Big Names Today”

  1. that’s cool, I got my one sister her they are mostly all taken. Congrats on the new reg.

  2. hehe, I like – is pretty cool.

    I am keeping my eye on ePayments, I like the name, but I have TradeSafe (com) so not sure what direction I would go if I were to get ePayments, how to integrate with what I have planned.

    Them auctions at boxcar (by domainprofit) has a lot of nice gems, though all starting at $5k. I specially like Haters (com) – hahaha. Would go perfect with my Prankers (com) name. Imagine the footer “Prankers is owned and operated by Haters” hehehehe

    1. Attilla,

      Because you helped me out on yesterday’s post I’ll let the two plugs for your names stay up on the post. People pay good money to be on my site and the comments aren’t for pushing your own wares but since you’ve been a regular reader and provide great feedback, it’s no problem.

  3. lol, thanks Shane. Its why I put it as (com) so it wouldn’t really look as if I was trying to advertise. Also nothing on those sites, just parking pages. But if you want to go on and click a few times to make me a few pennies (just kidding)… I also need to get in touch with you soon regarding the new company I am launching soon…it will benefit the domaining community by far. Website Platforms, Website Tools and Business Tools on a MASSIVE scale…

  4. Shane,

    To say I view your blog daily is an understatement. You know as well as I that to stay up with this industry you must be constantly reading! Your posts are witty and insightful. You appreciate brevity, avoid condescension, and do so without self praise – I happen to appreciate this fact more than all.

    To any veteran domainer, or to those just starting out, a great drop is one selfless blog post away – and we readers have you to thank for that. Others keep jewels of insight to themselves; you are different.

    As for the return “quo” for your “quid” I welcome all suggestions. Perhaps other lucky readers have ideas on how we can show our appreciation when we “bank” on your suggestions.

    I will continue to enjoy your posts and thank you kindly.
    Ryan “Tucker” Perret

  5. Dodged all the tornados yesterday, but not by much – lots of people around lost everything, but not their lives so all is well. Wouldn’t mind catching that .net tornado though – super relevant today with lots of content…

  6. You should’ve added the affiliate partner id for the domain “epayments”. It’s at $41,000 right now. Few more minutes left to go.

  7. I’m sure Atilla didn’t mean anything and I can testify he’s a good guy although I only know him online 🙂 rules on this list!

  8. hehe, thanks Anthony. I may post crude comments from time to time, but I always try to do my best to put a smile on peoples faces. Whether be a humorous guy or to offer some kind of productive discussion…and yes, ePayments sold for $50k and up…WOW, congrats Toby. I dropped out around $30k…

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