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You Think Kevin Rose Can Pay Enough To Get Dan Bornstein To Sell Him

Here’s the story. Kevin Rose has started up a mobile development lab named Milk. He recently raised $1.5 million and his investors are a list of rockstar Silicon Valley investors. Michael Arrington, Ron Conway, Tim Ferriss, Dave Morin, Philip Rosedale, Evan Williams, Shervin Pishevar, Joshua Schachter, Anthony Casalena, Ashton Kutcher, Philip Kaplan, Chris Sacca, Gary Vanyerchuk, Tony Hsieh, Chamath Palihapitiya, Matt Mullenweg, Don Dodge, Matt Williams, Tony Conrad via True Ventures, Rob Hayes, Floodgate’s Mike Maples and Greylock’s David Sze. Currently the domain they are using is If they want they are going pry it from a guy named Dan Bornstein.

Who is Dan Bornstein? Besides owning, Dan is a Virtual Machinist at Google and presently working on Android. You may have heard of Android. It’s that little operating system that runs every mobile device in the world that’s not run by Apple. So let’s see. Milk Inc. is a mobile development lab and Dan is a mobile operating system developer? Sounds like these two might get along. Not only should he buy the name from Dan but I should offer him a job as well.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Kevin raised enough money in the first round to buy this domain. According to Bornstein it’s going to take more than the $1.5 million Rose raised. Here is a quote from

Milk: I got!

People occasionally email me about buying the domain from me. I used to respond to such requests with, “How much are you offering?” These days, if you don’t mention a number, I probably won’t mail you back. However, let me warn you that I like the name and I have a reasonably well-paying job, so it’ll have to be a pretty damn good offer. Note that a number (in whole U.S. dollars) which includes fewer than 7 significant digits to the left of the decimal point does not constitute “pretty damn good” in my book, and in order to really get my attention, consider offering 8. For the mathematically-disinclined, this means that I think $1 million is lowball, and $10 million will almost certainly make me cave. The GreatDomains valuation model seems to agree with me on this. (As of February 2001, the estimate based on their publicly-available valuation chart would have the domain be worth something in the range of $500 thousand to $10 million.)

In reality Rose doesn’t even need this domain. It’s going to be more about the technologies and sites he creates through Milk than Milk himself. We also know from history that Rose could care less about killer domains. Digg with two ds. Revision 3, wefollow,, ngmoco. Not exactly category killers. I expect more of the same from Rose. As usual, I expect hand registers or low value purchases for each of his releases.

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10 Replies to “You Think Kevin Rose Can Pay Enough To Get Dan Bornstein To Sell Him”

  1. I honestly can’t believe the got milk campaign people and the association funding that haven’t picked it up for a couple mill… their ad campaigns, celebrity endorsers, etc cost way more than that… guess they just don’t get it.

    One of the large dairies with a retail slant should buy it and launch their own line and capitalize on the got milk campaign…

  2. Years and years ago, I sold to the “Got Milk?” campaign. I can assure you that while they pay handsomely – and provided a bunch of goodies as well – they aren’t budgeting $1.5 million for a domain. It’s always the incentive of the marketing team that would lead a client to make such a large investment. From a domainer’s standpoint, it’d totally make sense though.

  3. I love the quote from the page.

    Along the same lines, I’m curious if Jack Dorsey will be able to pry away from the owners — — whoever that is. doesn’t even resolve. is a rough replacement. Unlike ‘milk’, which is just the name of the incubator, ‘square’ is the actual name of the product.

  4. Square was a very popular video game developer that merged with Enix, hence the name.

    Surprised they haven’t at least redirected the domain.

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