Thursday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Dec 02 2010

Right before I wrote this post I was reading about the “Cyber Monday” sales totals and of all the numbers I looked at one thing stood out. The hundreds of millions of dollars of products that were purchased using a phone.  There is no doubt in my mind that any commerce site needs to have a mobile form that makes it easy for people to shop. It’s the future and it’s now the present. People want to buy and it’s not just on a computer any more.  Speaking of buying, here are a few names you may want to buy. A good value at $50 and you don’t have to sell very many sandsharks to make back your money This name is the shit or………… lack of it. Surprised there are only 39 bids on this great name Presently at $200 which is getting close to true value but not a bad name. Already at $4500 and I thinks it’s worth a few thousand more but you never know at NameJet, things get a little loopy during the bidding sometimes I originally thought this would be huge but not quite sure now.  Certainly worth $100 to find out though I am putting this up not because I like it because it’s the type of name I don’t like.  You can’t say it aloud without it being confusing.  Sounds like Dee Double U U.  I never buy names with a “W” and a “U” next to it unless it’s a pronounceable word.  It’s a bit picky but when you spend $5K on something you should be a little picky. That being said, they are good acronym letters so I can see how others really like the name. Sesto is a city in Italy and if you’ve never been to Sesto then well, you didn’t really miss much. I know you don’t think it’s great but it’s the “Yada Yada Yada”  for everyone that doesn’t like in NY or NJ. It’s yours for $150.  At the DomainShane sales lot

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