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Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains And Auctions

Yesterday I made what I think is my best buy of the year.  I bought on NameJet yesterday with two 8s in the middle.  These are the types of domains that Chinese domain investors drool over. Hopefully they’ll drool over mine soon..  88 is the gold standard in 4 letter numeric domains.  What makes it a better buy is the fact some people think I’m crazy.  The more people that do means there are less people bidding against me on the buy.  And I already know where to sell.  Now onto the names. Ironically this is the nickname that has been with my family for generations.  We’re also known as “tripods”.  I consider it more of a curse though. Nice pronounceable 4 letter dot com.  Does sound a little little slut though Texted alerts and passwords are a HUGE part of our future. is also available and might as well pick up both Not a valuable name but I just want to put it out there if someone buys this and develops it I am willing to be a beta tester. As a runner I love this name.  Would also make a great Gay/Lesbian exercise site. Names are always great investments.  Email addresses alone make them valuable in Spanish.  You dismiss it but I’m pretty sure more people said “donde?” yesterday  in the United States than “Where?” . Very competitive keywords but at $9.30 CPC and 4300 searches it’s worth a try.

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  1. Hi,

    Congratulations on a great buy. I had the same thought about the value of that one. A nice healthy ROI is in the future for that one.

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