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Wednesday’s Daily Drops and Auctions

I haven’t quite gotten this snapnames thing down. The way I remember it was if more than one person puts in a bid then an auction happens.  Then I get emails saying certain names are first come, first serve.  Either way I’m happy because I’m getting some good names.  I got yesterday and have moved it to the top of my build out list.  Now onto the names. It’s already at $17,000 and growing.  I think you should buy it for yourself for Christmas Like the name, love the rhyme.  I’m a sucker for rhyming domains. If I ever start my own town this is what I’m going to name it but I don’t recommend you spend your money on the domain quite yet.  Wait until I start the city first. I don’t know what hyperlexia but I don’t really care because it’s a PR6 and that’s really all that matters. I see social media site for the mafia but you may want to do something else with it. The Chinese don’t like the 4 in it so you can get these cheaper.  I only like what the Chinese like so I’m passing You may not like dot cc but this one is already at $5200 Also at $5000 but if you think coming up with a name with a “Q” in it, you should try and come up with a company with two “Q”s.   Chicago Quality Quilts ?

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    1. @mike I thought that you figured I would rule my new town by force and that you could become a major. Was wondering why you didn’t shoot for general. I already have Richard Daley coming out of retirement pegged for mayor but if he passes it’s yours. I just have to pick a town to buy and I’ll get back to you on it.


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