Wednesday’s Big Little List of Domains at Auction,Dropping, or For Sale Around the Internet 3-21-12

Mar 21 2012

Before we get to the names I want to congratulate DomainTools and on their new partnership.  They are great supporters of the site and it’s nice to see them teaming up to make domain sales safer and faster.  Essentially the partnership has Escrow using the API of DomainTools to verify that a domain has indeed transferred.  There are so many uses for DomainTools’ API that I see a lot more of these type of announcements in the future.  Now onto the names.


69c.comI’ve had good luck reselling and CNN.coms over the last few years  HUGE name in today’s market.  It’s what everyone is trying to do, profit from social media.  Decent value  One of those misspelled domains that still sell.

MLBO.comMajor League Baseball my take offense to this one as well as the Mississippi Long Bow Association. Those guys are ruthless with their trademark  A dot net but I see that name on the islands I’ve been to.  I’ve only been to a few islands but just take my word on it.  Nice gaming domain.  Also where old people play shuffleboard on a cruise.

ULLN.comYet another nice   Gas price checker domain.   Gas is only going up in price.    I’m thinking house with a basketball court, indoor/outdoor pool, and computer that never gets that spinning wheel……..and world peace.  Sounds like a new Hyundai that’s coming out but it’s some Greek thing. You’ll have to ask Acro  1999 birthday and nice guitar domain   One of the better poker names to come up in a few weeks  There is a lot of affiliate money in brokers




Media Options Picks of the Day  $5000  $17,500 & .org – $15,000  Price is for both .com & .org  Consolidating Debt or Loans.  Consolidating Loans

Email me if interested in the 3 above.



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