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Today’s DDD: Daily Dropping Domains

Decided to drop the domains for sale at the bottom.  I’m just too new at this and not enough interest in the names.  No worries as I am selling more names than ever elsewhere so we’ll give it a try next year.  On a brighter note, my silly site lazystripper is up to 1000 uniques a day. (no nudity but not really the kind of site you want to view at work) Now onto the daily drops. Many many acronyms for this one.  41,000 searches.  Probably too many bidders to get a good deal on this one Another 4L but I love single syllable 4Ls.  Doesn’t pass radio test though.  People will spell it pUrd but still a nice name Good news it’s about rescued cats. Bad news, it’s just cats.  Valuate at $2K Big money in UFC and MMA affiliate sales.  This would be perfect Nobody seems interested in this name but I think its a nice dictionary name dot net so it has SOME value People are fat and they’re looking for ways to get skinnier.  ANYTHING to get skinner (except exercise and eating better)


It’s easy to find a lot more good names using

Domain Spotlight: