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8 Replies to “This is Why I Don’t Mess With IDNs”

  1. 😉
    Chef: that was cool, I dont know how i missed that.
    Only in India we have 12 live scripts and 3-4 Ancient scripts.

  2. Nice one, and I get the joke 🙂

    But it’s too bad that some readers won’t get the joke and will end up really thinking that IDNers use something like that — when in reality all you need is an English word, an online dictionary/translator and the copy and paste keys to copy the foreign word and see if it is available.

    Native keyboards are simple and elegant like ours in the U.S. (see a Hebrew one here:

    1. Aaron,

      Absolutely a joke. People stay away from things that they don’t understand and at the same time that’s where the money is…..taking advantage of that lack of knowledge. There’s even money in educating the masses and you’re site does a great job with that.

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