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Trav’s List of Domains at Auction for Monday July 27th, 2020 ended up selling for just over $21k in auction at GoDaddy. What a fantastic name for sports betting right at the time when sports betting is starting to open up in the US ( Covid has certainly put a damper on this ). Shane and I were thinking about making a play for the name, but we saw that in 2018, Caesars received a trademark for the exact term in the gambling space. I’m no trademark expert, but that kind of thing makes me weary when laying down $20k for a name. The trademark doesn’t specifically mention sports betting, but I’m not sure if that is enough. Maybe the future owner can trademark separately like was recently able to do. My guess is that Caesars is going to have an opinion either way. I’m curious what others think about this one.

I hope you enjoy the list. Click to bid if you see something you like. Names at Auction or Available for Pickup in case you want to take on Microsoft and Google this one should do really well bidders are loving this one for the gaming demons

Namejet and Sedo & More Domains at Action The best alarm systems are camera based these days. I imagine there would be decent affiliate money for a site that reviewed them. it has crossed into the reserve range really nice name that would be great for a telehealth app nice crypto brandable but the reserve is probably too high for wholesale. nowhere near reserve yet, but it will be interesting to see where it ends up. sounds like a bridal magazine to me

Godaddy Domains With Bids wonderful name for the ad serving industry not really going to be a company name but there are lots of audits performed every year was recently a blockchain based messenger and cryptocurrency community nice name for a broad range of uses – already being used in multiple ways all about the backlinks I think thought this would be a great honey brand sounds like travel insurance rebooting hardware or riding a bike like a maniac sounds like a river boat casino nutrition nirvana there is a dashcam company already operating on the .io there should be a country music cable channel with this name gold is currency portal names are dated, but solution is a good enough term to make it worth something kind of a weird phrase – would be ok for a service teaching people to start CBD businesses laundry service a list of ethical businesses to buy from the name you want if you are a novelist or if you want to sell it to one portuguese for dreams what a Brazil nut is called if you are Brazilian really nice 4L here pronounceable 4L should do really well

Godaddy Names With One or No Bids Hong Kong sports betting gambling or credit card affiliate site not sure how much value it has but it’s pretty great sounds adult oriented but it doesn’t have to be, but it probably will be yuck the way modelling is spelled outside the US start a nice money laundering business I’m not a fan of ape as a keyword in most domains but it is great in this one a trademark name so probably can’t make money with it but there are thousands of articles on this very subject you just know there already is one no bids and an end user will buy this domain at some point ditto again, portal kind of outdated but who wouldn’t want to have a login to the vip portal? great snack brand when green just isn’t good enough pro is almost always a good modifier this should be some kind of supplement beach conference? a company in Japan – taken in lots of extensions


The Rest of the Godaddy Names With 2 or More Bids

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3 Replies to “Trav’s List of Domains at Auction for Monday July 27th, 2020”

  1. We were bidding on too. The TM is in the Supplemental Register and states specifically that “NO CLAIM IS MADE TO THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO USE “THE BOOK” APART FROM THE MARK AS SHOWN”. Pretty sure that TM is for the logo design, but then again, I’m no lawyer. I think that would have been safe to purchase but it went far higher than we were interested. Fun auction to watch. Apparently it was a couple of bots going at it until a final proxy was put in for the last few bids.

    1. Thanks for the additional info Jason. I wish I had dug a little deeper then. I noticed that it was a service mark and also thought it was odd that it was categorized as education.

  2. Hi Travis,

    One of our partners is an attorney. He looked into this and based on his findings/opinion the trademark issue was not a concern.

    I have been in the sports betting/gaming space for 35 years. My reason for not buying was not based on a trademark. If you would like to discuss this please feel free to reach out to me.


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