Tuesday Big Old List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, or For Sale Around the Net 3-13-12

Mar 13 2012

One of the down sides of having a brick and mortar business is you have to come in contact with people.  Hundreds of them.  Any one of them could be a petri dish of disease.  Shaking hands, talking close.  Add in an all weekend trade show and I didn’t stand a chance.  Throw in 37 miles running and I’m as good as dead.  And that’s how I felt yesterday.  I apologize to all those that I told off or made cry yesterday when I was in my bad mood. Now on to today’s names.

Paymachine.com Good mobile wallet name. 7 years old.  Also my title around the house.

Hoarded.com  Could pretty much sell anything you want.  I almost didn’t even want to share this name as I have nightmares for 3 days after every show of hoarders.

SurfingKites.com  Not a huge sport but growing in popularity every year.  I think Woody Harrelson kite surfs and if he does it, it’s cool.  Lots of ads but valuate.com doesn’t like it

VintageCoupons.com I’m pretty sure they’re all going to be expired

1stFamily.com I like firstfamily better but still worth a few hundred and more if built out. 15 years old and that alone gives it some value.

Snuffed.com  Dictionary word with no bidders……until now

FlooringOptions.com Great name for a flooring company and there are already many companies that share that same thought. Values at $1000

BikerLady.com  Cool but not sexy.  I picture saggy boobs, tats, and leather, like in leather skin.

PetLane.com I heard they are adding new lanes on all California streets for people that drive with their dogs in their laps. It allows everyone else to get the hell away from those crazies.

GeoTarget.com  I would think a bunch of people in our industry would like this name.

DealJump.com  Very common, easy to spell words and contains the word deal.  Good brand.

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  1. Puranjay

    GeoTarget.com should bag top honors on this list. A multi-million dollar industry and the perfect name for it.

    Hoarded.com sounds nice as well.

  2. John

    You need to tell them to CoverYourCough (.com looks to be for sale). Now you’ll have to suck down some zinc lozenges.
    PayMachine.com $505 30 bids
    VintageCoupons.com $385 69 bids
    1stFamily.com $505 40 bids
    FlooringOptions.com $500 23 bids
    Petlane.com $1116 87 bids
    Some others:
    MobileSquare.com $2479 107 bids
    Briefings.com $4227 64 bids
    LAHat.com $1014 48 bids
    NetworkMarketingNews.com $952 49 bids
    RestaurantGiftCertificates.com $515 66 bids
    AutoRestore.com $405 42 bids
    SimplyTaxes.com $493 36 bids
    Looks like GoDaddy Auctions is starting to be more active.

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