Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping

Oct 18 2011

Big day. Big day. The traffic auction is today. Make sure to take a look at my picks for the auction. The list today stinks but hey, I still look through all the lists to give the best I could find. Its the effort that counts today, not the results .

NetAuctions.com 1996 Birthday Sounds like a company that has been around for years

MoreMoney.com. It’s what we are all looking for. The owner’s looking for $18k worth of more money
FlipUp.com. Not big money but two words everyone knows. Theses are the types of names you can flip for a grand or two in time.

ShortFilms.com. Seller wants $50k. May be a bit high but not too far off.
7352.com. 4 number dot coms haven’t been showing up as much lately.

6513.com Will do well. All good numbers

Chapter11.net I’ll take this, the domain not the bankruptcy

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  1. David S

    Shortfilms.com is by far the best of the bunch if the site is also included in the sale? I’m sure I’ve seen a post on facebook about this name. I also like NetAuctions.com as it sounds like its been around since the dawn of time and would be easy to develop due to loads of off the shelf auction scripts out there, not that keen on the others but ok names.

  2. Jerry

    It would be interesting to see what kind of domains your readers typically go for. I read your list every day but just skip over the number domains. I wonder if others do the same, or for brandables? .nets? I think a poll is in order~

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