Tuesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-22-12

May 22 2012

Not a lot of goodies up at auction today.  It took twice as long to find half as many good names.  We all have those days.  Remember you don’t HAVE to buy names. If you find something you like then buy it but don’t buy just to buy.  Save the cash for a better name.  With that being said, these names below offer some value for a flip or purchase at such a cheap price its worth the risk. Here they are

2Y3.comThree character domain and as we always discuss, they usually do well. This one is no exception

TBWT.comAlmost $800 already. There must be something special about this name that I’m too lazy to find out about.

If you think you can  do better with a hand register here’s a 4.95 code. Go Here and put in the code gofx2005hd

HailNo.com What the girls at Alabama would say to me when I ask them if they’d like to come back to my apartment

DailySoup.com   I thought I may be able to sneak in and get this one.  And I would have if the other 47 bidders weren’t already there

HempBar.com  I was thinking food but I guess could be a bar where you smoke pot.  I think the value on this one is a few years away but with just a few bidders it’s a good investment. 12 years old

 Mojin.com First or Last name for many people

13h.com  I sell this type NNL.com for $500 to $1000 consistently

UniformSales.com  As a man that buys and rents uniforms I confirm that a business could be built on this domain

PracticeStockTrading.com  $16 CPC and 1900 searches makes this one a good value under $100

ILikeSamples.com  Pretty good name for a samples site. I asked 3 people today if they have been to the site and they all said it sounded like a site they would like.  Of course it doesn’t exist.

PocketFlasks.com  No bidders but go to Google and see how many products are advertised.  For a product that barely gets searches there sure are a lot of ads

 6616.com  Great name and still under $4000 at press time

7414.com  The fours used to be price killers but that hasn’t been the case over the last few months

Clouds.pro  Lets see if the cloud can overcome the pro




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