Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-10-12

Jul 10 2012

A broad range of names today with most of them being short names. They always seem to be the ones with the most bids. Every time I get a portfolio to buy its the same thing there as well. “feel free to bid on any of the names on the list but the following are already taken” and its always the numerics and the short. But there is a reason. Liquidity. Today has lots of liquidity unless you pay too much but I have no idea what too much is any more. Enjoy today’s list.

8e.com There are a bunch of two characters on the board today. They are reminding us how much a two character dot com goes for in today’s market.

5p.com Not sure these are going to sell though. Reserve is very high

iBanners.com I’m not a big “I”product name but it seems the rest of the world is

StartupMaster.com and StartupMasters.com A bit cocky calling yourself the master of anything but if you have a few successful startups then maybe you are a master.

t83.com Sounds like my first computer but I think it was a TI something. Short means sweet

Cuzzo.com Not a real valuable name but a nice 5L with no bidders. 13 years old Sounds nice too

Complimate.com No bidders on this 17 year old domain. DMOZ listed, PR3 great dating site name. Also quite a few products with the name. Nice cheap name for one of you

HMRA.com Under $250 is a good deal IMO

SpeedyForms.com 9 year old domain that would be perfect for themes, legal forms, or templates. No bidders so $12 at this point

CBNA.com This one should do well. Every day I let you know how much I like the “A”s at the end of the LLLL.coms

SurveyCentral.com I hate online surveys but they are big business and this name evidently is the center of surveys

ReadyPetGo.com Very creative pet domain. Not better than dogwalkers but people will remember this just as well. Sorry, Stu informed me this has a live trademark so you’re on your own here. Be advised

CBNA.com Very nice LLLL.com and as mentioned a million times. Me love when they end in A

SERM.com Another nice LLLL.com. Will probably cross $750 with all these bidders

SEPM.com Not as many as above but still playing some nice music on the little stage

InterOffice.com From office to outside office. IntraOffice would be within the office. I think I got that right

DigD.com Somebody likes this because they got the bidding high early

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