Tuesday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-3-12

Jul 03 2012

I don’t know if any of you read Eric Borgos’ blog or site but its a must read. In the mountain of repetitive pick lists and sites that are written only for affiliate links (irony of saying this on a pick list post is a bit much isn’t it?) , there are sites like Berkens, Elliot, Morgan, and Eric’s that offer a nice personal look at what they are doing and how they are doing it. When I watch shows that are about people buying million dollar properties, I could care less about the property.  I want to know how they made enough money to buy that property.  Eric’s site gives you that peek.  Yesterday he gave a list of this year’s sales and their prices. His sites also give sales and income numbers for the last 15 years.  Open and interesting

6z.com  Already up to $31,000 but two character dot coms are soaring

511.net  Going to fetch a pretty penny

QBX.com I really do like this. Maybe because of the QB, maybe because of the way X passes the radio test.

9v9.com Some youth sports have reduced the players to 9 vs 9. Too much of a stretch? OK its a CCC.com

StarKitten.com Sounds like a band from the late 70s. A very memorable brand. No bidders

LiquidBeat.com Another great band name but an even better app name. No bidders

PaintRollers.com  You can finally be the king of painting accessories.  16 years old

TanningCream.com   Since tanning salons will eventually kill you (my opinion) the cream seems like a good alternative

UpgradeMyComputer.com   No bidders.  Great deal on this 13 year old domain

eVibrators.com  Not sure its the dropship business I want to be in but there IS a ton of money in plastic dongs

FunandLove.com Some Prius driving, vegan dieting, coexist sticker person will want to buy this from you. No bidders and 10 years old

EasySystems.com 1996 Birthday and the only thing better than a system is an easy system

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    Eric’s site looks good, but from a Blog standpoint he doesn’t appear to write very much.

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