Tuesday’s Daily Domain Auctions Finds and Drops

Feb 22 2011

Note to self. Don’t buy drops on a cell phone. It’s the second time I’ve purchased a misspelled domain. I realized it was a good price but I get good prices all the time. Per usual, small screen and in a hurry equals $69 down the drain. I look at it as a stupid tax, a tax I’m not going to pay again this year hopefully. Here are the names for today

Rewinder.com Nice name for anything archive or history related.

AirBrushFacePainting.com Long name but if you have a kid that’s been to a birthday party you’ll know these people are the new clowns.  No bidders so this one should go pretty cheap

Sowing.net I can’t believe this thing only has 9 bidders.

PlaygroundInstaller.com Most playground installers have to be certified and union which makes it tougher to find bidders for these projects.  Here’s an opportunity to build a directory.  I may even buy it.

HowToWriteAWill.net Money to made with this one.  This exact match should take you to the top of Google with this one and it’s CPC is $4 plus.  No bidders

Hopeforhaitinow.org You may say, “what’s so special about this one?” It’s a PR 7 with 191,000 links.  Something that you don’t have the chance to purchase very often.  It’s actually on the 23rd but I thought I would put it up a day early.

Aoma.com Tons of bidders, a city, a school, and probably expensive

DontCallMe.org The ultimate email address to give out to the guys at the bar

PropaneGrill.info Think you can get an info to the top?  22,000 searches here and the domain will set you back $12.  To me it seems worth a try

Waja.com Good luck here.  Too good a name for Snap to get but you have zero chance if you don’t backorder

CottonPoloShirts.com For the price I thought it was a deal

ScrewThis.com 1998 domain for under $100.  Could have fun with this one.

Remember, found all these at DropDay if you think you can find better names

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