Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Jun 28 2011

Today’s list is a little short but I’ll try and add some more early in the morning.  Nothing really impressed me today and certainly no 5 digit names (ok 1) on the list but still some value.  On a side note, good to see Tia back blogging. Her articles tend to be “back to basics” but they are great to remind yourself of what to do.  Take a look after you go through the names.

FreeGPS.com Everyone loves Free.  And everyone loves going somewhere so this should be a good buy.  No bidders.  1999 Birthday

ReIntroduction.com Not exactly sure what to do but stalking old girlfriends keeps coming to mind.  2000 Birthday

YoureFat.com I probably should add this to my ImToofat.com.  Be a tough email to give to someone though.  [email protected]

Blocked.net $19,000 value on Valuate dot com.  I’ll take under but still a very nice name

DailySummary.com Name pretty much says it all. You just have to figure out what to summarize.

OEB.com Nice letters but for some reason it’s not my style.  Maybe it reminds me of OB which reminds me of feminine products.  I don’t know, either way my feelings don’t matter because it’s already at $10K

815.org Three letter dot anything have value

Zhiqi.com Very popular Asian name and fun to say out loud. Go ahead.  See

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  1. Ms Domainer


    Well, Shane, fat people already know that they’re fat, so a gift of YoureFat.com would be a bit of a redundancy and definitely hurtful for a potential recipient.

    I doubt very much if a real weight-loss business would want this domain because of its negative overtones. The weight-loss industry is all about positive language and empowerment, although most diet programs don’t really work in the weight maintenance department.


    This is probably more of a trophy domain or one that might be set up by someone who would make fun of fat people, which, unfortunately, is all too common.


  2. Paul


    REintroduction.com for a real estate lead exchange network, or real estate dating 🙂

    I have REapproach.com set up as a real estate news site – an aggregator which I actually use myself.

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