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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks,

The day has arrived.  The day all the dot co domains went to auction at Godaddy.  There are way too many to list today.  There are so many dropping that it is inevitable that there will be some “bargains” in the mix.  I am going to buy a few and see what I can do with them.  I would like to point out there is a reason why all these names are dropping.  Most of these will never make you a dime.  But…….some will, now let’s try and find out which ones. Regardless of tld this one is a good one The biggest waste of money in the world.  Not the domain,the wedding planner.  The domain is great Reminds me of my date last Friday.  Believe it or not, a 1999 birthday. Also reminds me of my date last Friday. It doesn’t get any easier to remember than this if you truly want to develop a site. I think this is definitely the future just not sure if this is what we’ll call them.  CellCars? Not incredibly valuable but I’ve certainly spent $21 on worse thing.  As much as I love an Indiana football net half shirt, in hind site it wasn’t worth $21. 3 letter or even better if your name is Roy Hoodies are the best selling article of clothing there is in the fall.  Find out if dot co gives you a boost.

Domain Spotlight:

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