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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

Booooooooooring.  That’s the best way to describe domaining right now over the last few weeks.  Bloggers and people in general seem to be like me, busy with a bunch of different things and most of them not related to domaining.  Dot co and Epik rule the headlines.  I like both of them but last time I checked,  Dot com and cash still rule and that’s what I’m after.    Now onto the names I can see the slogan “Before you mortgage, PreMortgage……… Think any domainers have an interest in this name? You may ask. Why does this domain have value?  Because it’s a PR6, that’s why. 18,000 searches, $4200 valuation. 3L dot org.  Commodity Regular Godaddy auction and a very nice I don’t visit there very often but I know millions of people that do

Domain Spotlight:

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