Tuesday’s Daily Domains Dropping

Jun 08 2010

Picked up a nice domain yesterday if anyone is interested. The domain I purchased is PUUF.com.  If you haven’t noticed, the double “U” 4Ls have been reaching new highs on Sedo.   Here’s your chance to get one before it reaches $XXXX.  Of course there is always drops and auctions and here are a few for today

ComputerStorage.com $23,000 valuate and 107 bidders already so it won’t go cheap

WorkingMoms.net This is a large group. With less and less women staying home, the user base is growing.  Growing user base = Cash

Divorcelaw.net $4200 valuation and big keywords

Robs.net Verb, possessive Rob, or just a 4L dot net.  Has some value either way

LesbianOnlineDating.net Ohhhhhh yeahhhh   Giggity giggity

ZvZZ.com I’ve never quite understood these types but they have held value

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  1. Andrew Douglas

    Grats on PUUF.com. It’s a cute name. I see it on namebio as going for $265 on tdnam in January. The odd thing is that the cUUc.com pattern at namebio only brought up that one sale this year and all of last. I went back through Sedo’s recent sales and May’s dnjournal sales as well to see if there were other recent sales and I didn’t see any… so, I’m curious what the trend/valuation is for UU’s. Thanks and best of luck with it.

    1. Post author

      Namebio is nice but difficult to use to find these kinds of things. Use llllsales.com for 4L research. Here are the latest in the CUUC.com area and I guess I am using Sedo as my indicator because at auction they seem to be hitting the $400 mark on their auctions. I’m looking to move in the $500 range

      yuup.com $430.00 5/23/2010 Sedo
      cuum.com $167.00 5/14/2010 NameJet
      guuu.com $227.00 3/18/2010 TDNAM
      ruui.com $53.00 3/4/2010 TDNAM
      xuuq.com $40.00 2/21/2010 TDNAM
      duup.com $500.00 2/19/2010 Sedo
      muup.com $405.00 2/19/2010 Sedo
      quuc.com $25.00 1/29/2010 TDNAM
      ouuk.com $66.00 1/14/2010 Ebay
      ouuk.com $31.00 12/31/2009 TDNAM
      xuuj.com $25.00 12/25/2009 TDNAM
      xuuw.com $25.00 12/25/2009 TDNAM
      puuf.com $275.00 12/19/2009 TDNAM
      ouug.com $56.00 12/7/2009 TDNAM
      wuuv.com $86.00 12/3/2009 TDNAM
      auum.com $301.00 10/19/2009 Sedo
      luuh.com $151.00 10/2/2009 NameJet
      iuux.com $20.00 9/17/2009 TDNAM
      luuq.com $86.00 9/17/2009 TDNAM
      nuud.com $515.00 9/16/2009 NameJet
      luui.com $100.00 9/2/2009 Sedo
      ruup.com $187.00 8/24/2009 NameJet
      quuj.com $20.00 8/10/2009 TDNAM
      quuy.com $25.00 8/10/2009 TDNAM
      juuu.com $262.00 6/15/2009 NameJet

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