Tuesday’s Daily Dropping Domains And Auctions

Yesterday, DomainShane hit 100K uniques.  I’m sure some of the bigger domain blogs get that in a week or month (I used to get that on a good DAY at my old blog) but for me I’m proud.  I have a lot more fun and domaining in me so I’m going to keep humping it. Now onto the names. Not very much on the board today but that’s been more the rule than the exception

ABCRtys.com PR6 and tons of bidders. PR6s don’t come around very often and thus the high price

Goos.com Before you click, guess what you think this domain is up to at the auction.  Now look………WOW!  Loved the name but too rich for my blood

23Y.com Not my kind of domain but I actually like this one.  Michael Jordan may have caused this love for 23

F***Sheep.com It’s a real dirty name but the only reason I am pointing this out is the fact that Google says there are no searches for this and THAT I don’t believe.  Do they not include searches from the south?

Femp.com Auctioning at Sedo.  I loved the name and see that others do as well, pushing this name over $5K with less than 24 hrs left

Domain of the Day: