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Tuesday’s Daily Hot Auction Picks and Dropping Domains

Only a week until Domain Fest and I’ve got nothing to wear.  A nurseryman for Illinois doesn’t have to dress up too much so I don’t have many Sunday clothes and to make it worse, my body changes shape like the Wonder Twins.  I put on and take off 20 pounds every year for training and right now I’m at closer to the top but not too bad.  This year I kept training all winter to stay in shape.  So I’m going to have to sell a domain this week so I can buy some “LA” clothes.  Let’s see if I can find a find a couple of domains that makes me want to put my money into names instead of a new polyester sports coat. 1995 register and the kind of 4 letter dot com that people love. Sexy letters.  Yes the letter “N” can be sexy. I love the name.  Making a logo couldn’t be much easier.  Here’s your instructions on 99 Designs “I would like a logo with a blue tomato” If you don’t know what global support it’s that guy on the phone that is obviously from another country but his name is “Frank Thomas” If this was it would attract a little more attention.  Oh yeah, that’s right, there is more than one language in the world. This is that fast sounding one called Spanish. Urbandale Iowa is such a beautiful place in the spring. Just kidding, I’d never heard of it until today but it sounds close to Urbana where I live, so it’s gotta be a decent place. Who wouldn’t want a big ole glass of space juice? Preppy is back so get it while you can.  Jackie O baby. I liked it a lot as a 5 letter dot com but it’s already at $600 soooooo now I kinda like it. Info is not for everyone but searches are and this one gets 373,000.  Already above $2500

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Shane when do you sleep? Business, family, sport, domains and after all this you have time to write several times per day on your blog and your articles are very interested. I am very impressed, tell us your little secret.

    1. Vav,
      I try and get my 7 hours of sleep. I’m up now at 4:30 about to head out the door for a hard 12 miles run. Tuesday’s are a “tempo” run at 7:15 pace and makes for a long day. I have a speech I have to give at a conference today and then have to be north of Louisville this evening. It’s a certainly a lifestyle that keeps you pretty busy, no doubt. But last night was the most important day of the week. Daddy daughter night. It’s the day I pick my daughter up from school and we spend all day and most of the evening together. I think my wife enjoys it just as much. She gets to do her P-90x without us saying “When is dinner?” or making fun of the grunts of pain.

  2. Shane you are the perfect example for me, I have to manage my time more efficiently. Just one more word – “Wow”

  3. Could not agree more with Vav! Appreciate all the domains and info. Speaking of info, that Tshirt is one of the better ones I have seen lately…

  4. @Shane I really enjoy you daily picks…..I just need to up my budget to grap a few of these jewels.

    @Clay, I would love had I not went out of business twice selling tshirts. (Didn’t know the power of a good domain name at the time.)

    I really like and Im seriously trying to imagine the taste of that.

    But a man could really wrap himself aroung I like that more then my

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