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Twitter’s DM System Has Turned Into a Spam Box. A Simple Button Would Clean The Whole System

It’s getting ridiculous, and tonight’s one of the worst nights yet.  I don’t mind the bots following me or the autorespond direct message but this never ending direct message of “hey I saw you in this picture” or “I’m smarter than you, check your IQ”  “Is this you?” is a bit much.  Every single DM in my mailbox is spam with a link.  I’ve had to turn off the DM notification emails  within a week but I can’t even see if I received any real DMs because of all the junk in there.  I’ve had to go to an automated system that deletes all DMs with a link and flags them so I can filter them out.  It’s pretty much taken away the usefulness of the DM. Part of the problem is the automated follow finders.  The bots put up accounts with profiles of hundreds of different hobbies, you accidentally hit one of them and you’re a target.

There needs to be a button next to each DM that says “Is This Spam?” It tracks how spam clicks it gets and suspends anyone with over 5.   It will rely on users to clean it up and I guarantee the people that use and enjoy twitter every day will do their part.   Here’s the code.  IF you spam 5 times , THEN your ass is suspended.  Simple, easy, clean.

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2 Replies to “Twitter’s DM System Has Turned Into a Spam Box. A Simple Button Would Clean The Whole System”

  1. Shane, Twitter has something like that already in place. All you need do is report the account to @spam and after so many reports they will deactivate the account. It is even more automated if you use a third party twitter client like tweetdeck which has a block and report spam button like I do. And if you are not using tweetdeck you really should.

    1. I agree about tweedeck but imagine if it were easier. As simple as hitting a button right next to the actual comment. I know I can get rid of them. I just want to make it simple and more efficient

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