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What The Domain Industry Will Never Publish

Two days into Domainfest I’m reminded yet again why it’s a must for all domain investors. The information you need to make the most money in this industry is not something you’re going to read. You’ll only learn this through sharing of ideas and relationships built in a social setting.

Maybe it’s the alcohol, perhaps it is a level of trust that’s built up after you get to know someone a little more, but there is no doubt that I’ve learned more about making money in domain investing at the meet ups and parties than I have in all my years of reading on
the Internet.

You’re not going to find it on the net because nobody wants to give away their secrets. Why dilute a money making opportunity by showing others your method? The person that’s selling their stock picks are usually the people not making any money. The people that are truly making money aren’t going to make a peep, let alone
tell you what their doing.

Put on a little music, a beer in their hand, and a little trust in their mind and they open up. Once a relationship is developed, domain investors want each other to succeed. You can be at a party talking about having trouble monetizing service oriented domains and next thing you’re having a beer with someone who’s having great success with zip code geo locating for service oriented domains.

There is no better place on the planet that offers you the ability to build a team of colleagues and eventual friends that can guide and enhance your ability to make money. They key to this world is simple. Your personality and your history. A smile and a handshake go a long way. A domain investor is just as impressed by creative thought and niche approach to domaining as they are by an incredible portfolio. There are a lot of people that have million dollar portfolios here. That’s not what people care about here. They care about the next million.

Guess what? That’s what I’m here for too and sitting home at computer typing jokes and wishing I was here isn’t going to help me. Talking one on one with Braden Pollock for an hour and a half is. From the outside it comes across as name dropping but after you’ve done a couple of these you’ll come to realize most people here do have some relationship with one another. Six hundred people that meet several times a year is a pretty small group in the scheme of things.

Morgan Linton always jokes that he doesn’t blog parties but in reality there is a lot we don’t blog. Seventy five percent of what goes on here will never be shared. It will only be shared in the bios of people with such lines as “made two million dollars in domain investing last year” It will only be shared by the initial handshake and a conversation that builds.

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6 Replies to “What The Domain Industry Will Never Publish”

  1. Your right Shane. I’m just walking around talking to everybody and learning a lot
    that i would never get from a blog. I see that this is a must to come to. I been in the business for about about 3 year’s’. I can tell you after coming here. This will take me to another level. Great Networking @ Mike Mann party.

  2. It is true that what is written tells only part of the tale. Most of my knowledge about the business world has come from experience, i.e. what people actually do and not what they say they do. There is a mile of difference between the two.

  3. – – –
    Seventy five percent of what goes on here will never be shared.
    – – –

    So what are we reading daily for? 😀

  4. Indeed. I plan on making the next one. No one…and I mean NO ONE in my physical world shares any enthusiasm for my domaining habit.Even after explaining it to seemingly smart people.It’s a tad disheartening in that I’m looking to spark my portfolio to grow some legit concepts.Thanx for rubbin’ it in Shane.

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