Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Encinitas.com, Alqabas.com, Problem.com, More

Dec 26 2015

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. 345.com sold for $800,000

  • The domain is owned by a Chinese investor, and it’s redirected to 62.com, which is a domain sales platform.

2. Rides.com sold for $120,000

  • The domain is under privacy protection, but it forwards to Ocean.net, which is a company affiliated with domainer, developer and NamesCon founder Richard Lau.

3. TV.ae sold for $95,000

  • The domain is parked. The .ae extension = United Arab Emirates. Per Whois, the owner is Tarek Al Sheikh Ali, who according to LinkedIn is the head of development for the Abu Dhabi Media Company, which is the the official media organization of the government of Abu Dhabi. ADM is one of the fastest growing, multi-platform media and entertainment organizations in the Middle East. ADM’s 18 brands operate across various broadcast, publishing, and digital media platforms.”

4. Wohnung.de sold for $87,320

  • Translated from German to “apartment”, the domain is forwarded to the plural Wohnungen.de, and the placeholder is below. According to Google Translate, “Our range of great apartments in Germany starts in the spring 2016.


5. Montrose.com sold for $75,000

  • The domain doesn’t resolve, and it’s controlled by domain management firm CSC Global. Montrose is the name of several towns/cities, a last name, and more.

6. Encinitas.com sold for $48,000

  • Domain is under privacy protection. You can see the site below, but it appears they’re just getting started with development, as their business directly only has around 20 listings for this California town with population of 60,000. Alexa rank near 20 million.


7. Dieta.it sold for $46,303

  • I’m going to go out on a limb and guess this word translates to “diet” in English. Their title tag translates to “wellness online”. Owned by “Frezza Network Srl”.


8. Schlüsseldienst.de sold for $41,300

  • This domain appears to translate to “locksmiths” from German. An ‘under construction’ lander is live.

9. Alqabas.com sold for $37,400

  • The domain is under privacy protection, but it redirects to Alqabas.com.kw, the TLD for Kuwait, and a screenshot is below. The website title translates as follows, Journal Kuwaiti daily newspaper comprehensive political“.


10. Problem.com sold for $35,200

  • Owned by “WEBCOM ENTERPRISES PTY LTD” of Australia, the domain redirects to a Flippa sales page. The domain has been on auction a couple times, but hasn’t met reserve. Bidding got as high as $65,000 in a prior listing; it appears nearly a double isn’t good enough for the seller.
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