Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Material.com, Essential.com, 742.com, More

Oct 29 2016

Listed below are updates on the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

Ouch, there are few development examples this week. Most of of these names were acquired near the heights of the Q4 2015 liquid domain craze, and many of these now have Chinese owners, with no site resolving, or a simple parked page.

1. Essential.com sold for $250,000

This purchase and sale was discussed by Andrew Rosener on a previous Domain Sherpa show, with an acquisition price below $30k and a hold of around five months. The current owner is under privacy protection, and there is still a for sale page live at Media Options.

2. 742.com sold for $142,000

You can see the for-sale lander below, in both Chinese and choppy English, with statements such as “Smart you can aware the real value of a good domain name more than we.” (That’s still better than my choppy Chinese would be.)


3. Material.com sold for $100,000

A web development solution is in the works, “Material is a simple and intuitive ecommerce platform that allows you to create an online store for next to nothing. Built by and for entrepreneurs, Material is the easiest way to sell online.” Whois shows this owned by a company named Volusion, which provides a similar service, so either a rebranding or new product line is in the works. This site is the traffic leader for the week, with its Alexa rank near 1.7 million.

4. JR.net sold for $55,000

No site resolves.

5. JHG.com sold for $54,000

Domain is parked.

6. HHP.com sold for $46,678

A for-sale lander is live.

7. JLM.com sold for $44,317

No site resolves.

8. 1865.com sold for $41,000

No site resolves.

9. VIP.club sold for $40,000

No site resolves.

10. MTF.com sold for $39,900

The domain forwards to 982.com, which is a sales inquiry form.

17. Finit.com sold for $20,000.

I have to go all the way out to #17 on the list of sales to find another development example; Finit.com sold for $20,000, and the domain was an upgrade from FinitSolutions.com. “We craft, deliver, and sustain solutions for Oracle Hyperion and OneStream software.”


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