Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: Hacked.com, HappyFresh.com, Hueston.com, More

Dec 12 2015

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. YIN.com sold for $180,000

Owner is under privacy protection, and the domain doesn’t resolve.

2. Xiao.com sold for $97,857

This appears (?) to be a Chinese language parked page; screenshot below. Xiao appears to be a popular last name, a type of flute, and many other things.


3. Hacked.com sold for $50,000

Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank just under 100,000. The site describes itself as follows,

Hacked publish daily news, with the goal to offer timely, intelligent and accessible news and views about technology, science, business, politics, and the intersections thereof. Hacked is our name, and hacking is our focus – we will cover cryptography and IT security news in detail, but we’ll also cover hacking in the wider sense of using science and technology to create new wonders and make the world better.”


4. SC.tv sold for $40,000

No site resolved. Owner is listed as “SNI SI Networks LLC”, which appears to be a JV between Showtime and the Smithsonian Institute.

5. CompetitiveIntelligence.com sold for $35,477

The placeholder is below, but there is no place to navigate for additional information, and the owner is under privacy protection. The phone number and the site’s title tag tie to a firm named Algometric, which appears to be based in Beverly Hills, CA, but there isn’t much information readily available on the company.

CompetitiveIntelligence6. Hueston.com sold for $25,000

The domain is used for a newly established law firm named Hueston Hennigan LLP.

We are a trial and litigation law firm specializing in high-stakes business disputes and white collar criminal defense. Based in Southern California and practicing across the country and internationally

Alexa rank near 3.4 million.

Hueston7. EasyHotel.ch sold for $21,800

No site resolves, but the domain is affiliated with “easyGroup LTD”, which resides at the decent domain Easy.com. They operate other businesses at EasyJet.com, EasyCar.com, and EasyHotel.com, so they need to get a redirect in place with their .ch domain. According to the company’s LinkedIn profile,

The easy brand currently operates in more than a dozen industries mainly travel, leisure, hotel and office accommodation.”

8. TravelNepal.com sold for $15,000

This domain is an upgrade from the travel agency’s previous domain at RoyalMT.com.np. The company appears to be based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Alexa rank just under 13 million.

Depending upon how you travel, one could probably make it for a year or two (or much more) in Nepal for the price of this domain…..


9. FoodLine.com sold for $14,000

An upgrade from the .sg, which is where the .com is redirected. “Singapore’s Biggest Catering Portal”


10. HappyFresh.com sold for $13,500

This company is making a run at grocery delivery, but they’re not doing it here in the US like Webvan tried back in the day.

HappyFresh is the first and fastest-growing online grocery platform in Southeast Asia.  Founded in 2014, HappyFresh was launched by skilled entrepreneurs, using their extensive experience in building international companies to revolutionise the online grocery market in Asia.”

They’ve received $12 million in funding, so there are a lot of people that believe in them. Alexa rank just over 100,000.


10. SpaWorld.com sold for $13,500

An upgrade from SpaWorldCorp.com, which is where this domain is redirected.

“Starting out as a niche-category retailer, Spa World Corp has been able to quickly establish a manufacturing and distribution business-to-business operation, extending its line of products and entering new US and International markets.”


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