Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: BOE.com, Moki.com, 106.com, GolfSwing.com, More

Mar 28 2015

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. Mobile.net for $500,000

  • Domain is parked, and owned by Steve Renner, who we recently mentioned as the buyer of iMeeting.com for just under $50k.

2. BOE.com for $120,000

  • An upgrade from BOE.com.cn. “BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in April 1993, is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor display technologies, products and services.” Alexa rank near 450,000, making it the traffic leader for the week.


3. 106.com for $107,000

  • A simple lander is live. Owned by an individual in China who also owns 933.com.

4. Moki.com for $66,100

  • “Moki’s cloud-based software gives its customers Total Control over their Customer Facing Devices.” Alexa rank near 600,000. The company has raised nearly $9 million in funding.

Moki5. Zaker.com for $62,100

  • No site resolves and the owner is under privacy protection.

6. IncomeTaxRefund.com for $58,000

  • No site resolves, and the owner per Whois is Jeff Sharp of Liberty Tax Service in Virginia Beach.

7. PopupShop.com for $57,000

  • An upgrade from the .net. “At Popupshop.net our passion is to make everlasting basic wear both sustainably and high on quality. “


8. GolfSwing.com for $56,250

  • In 2015, GolfSwing.com will launch with the goal of becoming the World’s Largest Golf Swing Video Instruction Portal.


9. CitySuites.com for $52,300

  • A high end brand name for the UK property market. Alexa rank of 2.6 million.


10. CourseFinder.com for $50,000

  • No site resolves.

10. LEDLightBulbs.com for $50,000

  • You get exactly what you would expect here……a seller of LED bulbs. Alexa rank near 1.1 million.


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  1. Morgan

    That’s what people with patience get. I had a $200K offer for my portfolio of 40 domains but I preferred to wait. There’s a lot to learn from Frank Schilling in this regard. Domains considered worthless at one time are brought at premium prices when they become irreplaceable.

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