Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago: OBE.com, BFTV.com, JiuJitsu.com, More

Sep 24 2016

Listed below are updates to the top ten domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. 588.com sold for $1,000,000

The domain is forwarded to 2013.com, a Chinese-language page which appears to offer a couple dozen numeric domains for sale.

2. OBE.com sold for $200,000

An abbreviation for a company named Oldcastle Building Envelope. “We are the leading supplier of products specified to close the building envelope. They include: custom-engineered curtain wall and window wall, architectural windows, storefront systems, doors, skylights and architectural glass.” Alexa rank near 500,000.


3. 419.com sold for $150,000

The domain forwards to eNaming.com, with the following message, “This page has been removed.”

4. JiuJitsu.com sold for $75,000

The site appears to be pretty thinly developed currently, with Youtube videos and news articles. Alexa rank around 4.5 million. “Our goal is to spread Jiu Jitsu to more people and help you get better faster!” Domain Capital shows on Whois records as controlling the domain.


5. V68.com sold for $44,000

No site resolves. Whois shows it’s owned by eBet.com, which Rick Schwartz previously sold for $1.35 million.

6. BFTV.com sold for $25,000

The Chinese language site appears to offer TVs for sale. This is the traffic leader for the week, with its Alexa rank near 280,000.


7. TheIndustry.com sold for $19,600

The owner is under privacy protection, but the lander promises a site is coming soon.

the industry

8. LUUP.com sold for $17,000

The home of an online payments company based in London. Alexa rank near 5 million. “LUUP is a leading provider of merchant services for internet and e-commerce businesses, dedicated to creating fast, simple and super efficient payment experiences for merchants and buyers.

LUUP9. QEI.com sold for $14,500

I purchased this last year, and a for-sale lander is live. My Uniregistry interface shows that I’ve received 50 inquiries on the domain, but I don’t recall any serious offers above wholesale prices.

10. Waited.com sold for $11,350

A foodie app covering the San Francisco area is live. “Waited knows the restaurants that you’re going to love by analyzing your tastes, preferences and experiences” Alexa rank near 11.5 million.


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