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Listed below are updates to the top 10 sales from a year ago this week, as ranked by DN Journal.

1. for $35,877

  • An upgrade from the lengthy, a mortgage company based in Plano, Texas and founded in 1993. Alexa rank near 10 million.


2. for $32,500

  • Not the eating kind, but the heavy duty kind for forklifts. Acquired by a 125+ year old company named Vetter, which is based in Germany. The same company acquired the singular for $50k in August of last year.


3. for $25,000

  • Someone had big plans……but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the site now. According to, the lander in January of this year stated in part, “A community for people who want to experiment & express & create & share the things they love”. A auction now shows up on the domain as I type this.

4. for $20,300

  • No site resolves. Flippa power seller ‘Federer‘ flipped this name, after only acquiring it a couple weeks earlier for $11,500.

5. for $20,000

  • Domain is parked.

5. for $20,000

  • A hair care brand founded last year and based in the UK. “Quif is a brand new professional hair colour system daring you to stand out and be different by achieving an entire spectrum of hottest, on trend semi permanent hair colours.” Alexa rank near 15 million.


7. for $19,000

  • A re-brand from “Chocolate Works transforms the corner candy shop into an interactive chocolate factory experience.


8. for $17,500

  • The .com forwards to the .net, and an old-school eCommerce site is live. The .net has an Alexa rank near 3 million.


9. for $17,024

  • Traffic leader for the week, with an Alexa rank near 400,000. A Google translation of their German-language overview is as follows, is a student portal and offers you news, student jobs, events, guide, study guides and Help forum.


10. for $15,000

  • Developed with a feed of right-leaning stories about the collapse of the government, the dollar, etc.


10. for $15,000

  • Redirects to, which is owned by Hallmark. “SpiritClips from Hallmark is a family-friendly movie subscription service showing films that inspire and entertain audiences of all ages. SpiritClips from Hallmark meets the demand of people seeking inspiring, heartwarming films and stories.



Domain Spotlight:

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