Domain Spotlight:

A Few Pretty Good Domains Dropping This Morning

There’s a lot of great names dropping today.  A lot of lower end bargains which appeal to a broad range of people.  The big time names are fun but most people are just spectators in those auctions. For the first time, I found a domain that the searches that came up in all the programs were completely wrong.  The CPCs were right but the rest of the info was wrong.  I don’t see that very often and should be an easy flip for 400-500 dollars because the drop programs people use are putting the name at the bottom of searches.  Pays to manually check every once in a while.


And Again, For more names go to, who supplies me with the tools to find the names. They’re still offering the 7 day trials for a few more days

. Great name, will be butchered by many typing it in.  Still a great deal under 2K Not really a generic domain but has much more value than the $0 it’s presently at.   Estibot says $1100, I say somewhere in between Great wine name with no bids.  A great value here An obvious trademark issue here but tons of searches and no bids.  I’ll let you decide, I’m just pointing out 22,000 searches and a decent $1.96 CPC make this a good deal if the number of bids stay low.  Right now it’s 0 One of the greatest composers of our generation.  Estibot at 2K

Domain Spotlight: