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Wednesday’s Best of the “I Forgot or Didn’t Want to Renew” These Dropping Domains

You’ve heard it from me a lot over the last few weeks.  I’m beat.  I ‘ve been training for a marathon (this Saturday) and an Ironman (June 20th) and we’re busy as hell at work. Physically rough, mentally I’m fine.   On a postive note, our company had the best April in history and my domain income (non sales) is up 40% year over year in April.  Adding a few more developed plant name domains added $440 to the monthly income.  Peanuts to some, free money for me.  Now on to  the domains I like for today. By Footy I mean football.  By football I mean soccer For $10 its worth buying just for using it as an email Long name but lots of people looking and advertising for these terms Not the greatest 4L but could be flipped for more money if picked up without an auction three letter dot anything is worth watching


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  1. I think sold for 482.00 lol

    But I liked the email idea you mentioned – so I picked up You/NitWit/com just for fun 😀

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