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I Have an iMac, An iPhone, an iPad and I Still Find Myself Using My iHand As Much As Ever4

iHandInsert dirty joke here but I have every gadget known to man.  As I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, at the end of the day I think I’ve used one thing more than any other to keep organized.  My hand.  I constantly find myself writing on my hand.

I’m busy this time of year, I mean really busy.  I challenge anyone to keep up with me on a given day.  It starts at 4:15 with a nice 10 mile run and then it’s run run run from home to my business non-stop,  until 8-9 pm every day.  I eat standing up, I check emails and type on my iPad/iPhone between customers,phone calls, and even when I use the bathroom.  I am constantly writing down numbers, plants, and things to do,  on little pieces of paper and throwing them in my pocket.  If it’s something that needs to be done or used in the next 15 minutes I go to my old trusty gadget.  My iHand.

Near term recalls go on my hand.  Weights of stone, the number of a certain plant, inventory codes, and names.  All on my hand.  It’s the quickest way to save info and retrieve it in a short term situation.  In today’s society I can’t think of a greener way of doing it.  I’ve probably saved hundreds of trees and tens of dollars in electricity by using my iHand.  It costs nothing, never wears out, has endless memory, and data retrieval is lightning quick. The only problem I’ve faced is the calculator function of it doesn’t always work very well.  It’s off by a few digits every once in a while, especially late in the day

Sarah Palin recently gave “the palm”  writing method a bad name lately in the news but she used it in the wrong way.  The iHand is a short term data collector.  It’s not to be used for anything to used after 30 minutes.  The iHand is like the “Memento” of devices.  It’s made for short term use.  Tattoos are used for long term use.

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