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Wednesday’s Big Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Damn host WAS DOWN AGAIN all day yesterdat. Media Temple is struggling something awful but I’m sticking with them. Why? Because they treated me right when I was getting hit with Digg and Reddit years ago. For $20 they could handle tens of thousands of hits a day when nobody else could. They also are giving me credit for all my troubles and discounts. In short, they are taking care of me and it’s not the problems it’s how they are handled that matter.  Everyone has problems. I hate having my site down but I am going to give them a shot to make this right. Not through sorry and apologies but through free service and rebates for sticking with them through this mess this year. We’ll see. On the domain front I am going to start adding a few names available for hand reg. Enjoy the day. This would be a lovely name for a wine form or site, just lovely Available for register. Certainly worth $8. Comment if you picked it up mmmmmm cod
Big name here. Most bonais tool buyers get their tools on the Internet because they usually have trouble finding them locally. Lots of uses for the name but certainly would be good for a crab/lice cream. I’m guessing people are bidding this up for other reasons. Perhaps the age (12 years) and theDMOZ listing The “s” is silent here and in the word Illinois. A little English lesson while I must point out that this is not how you spell “chassis” like a car would have but it’s almost misspelled enough that many people use this spelling. is also there for you nonspellers It’s a dot net but there are 2300 searches and it gets a $2700 valuate. No bidders and a 1999 name Names are always good sellers, even dot org. I don’t like Danica Patrick so I have to pass on this one because it would remind me of her. Sorry, rough breakup The correct form would be roe v wade but the common person looks for this one almost as much. 50,000 per month. The org is perfect. No bidders so this one would be a steal at $69 Not any value but I’m pretty sure this is the name of one of the singing groups on Glee That’s about when most of my employees show up.  Also a nice 4 letter dot com I think dog trainers when I see this

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  1. “ …certainly would be good for a crab/lice cream.”

    For THAT I would wan’t


  2. Hi Shane. We’re happy to read that you are sticking with us. Of course, we’re very sorry about the issues and will continue to try to make things right. We very much appreciate your support and the sharing of your experience. Keep up the good work here!

  3. Just so you know, its and not WineCountry. I was so excited to see Wine Country that I paused my usenet downloads, just to get the NJ page to load faster!

  4. “ Available for register. Certainly worth $8. Comment if you picked it up”

    I love it when people don’t have the common courtesy of saying – Thank you – and
    acknowledging your generous gesture.

    Domain Name: AIRLINECARD.NET
    Created on: 27-Apr-11
    Expires on: 27-Apr-12
    Last Updated on: 27-Apr-11
    Ryan Perret

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