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Wednesday’s Big List of at Auction and Dropping Domain Picks

Today’s list isn’t too bad.  A little later this morning I’ll have a list of Namejet’s sales over the last 4 months.  They moved quite a few names and that was during the slower summer months.  Again, look for that in a few hours.  Until then, here are my picks and thanks once again to for sponsoring our blog.  They have signed on for the rest of the year and without sponsors like them this just wouldn’t be as fun. Great name.  $800 great?  You decide  I have for half of whatever that auction ends at. I’m always constantly amazed about how many people still do timeshare with all these great sites like VRBO to get rentals cheap. A very positive sounding job site.  Love it.  Only 4 bidders agree. 1998 Domain I like this one because it memorable not to sell chicken fingers.  But I do love chicken fingers.  Especially in honey mustard.  Ummmm Again like it because its memorable.  You know what I hope is around the bend?  Chicken fingers….with honey mustard. Resale shop ready to happen. Kind of a porno name……or so I’ve heard 1997 Birthday. I thought it was a great name to pick up cheap on a drop.  South Korea is one of the fastest growing nations in the world economically.  North Korea?  Not so much Great CVCV but it won’t be cheap.  Already at $2340 HUGE market that nobody talks about.  Thailand is one of the most popular.  Or so I’ve heard LNN.coms have done very well as of late.

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  1. Yes, it’s a bit of a pick-up, but slim pickings compared to that block of 10 days they had in late July/early August where there seemed to be 3-4 killer names per day and sale prices rocketed – I’m sure that’ll show up in your 4 month analysis later….

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