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Whatever You Do, DON’T Go to

I repeat don’t do it at work. If you have been in meetings all day or just getting out of a coma, you may have heard that Apple announced what was expected. Wait you didn’t read about the release of the iPhone 4s on Saturday?   Regardless, perhaps you were about to be a typical domainer and wanted to see who owns the domain by typing in the url but don’t.  Wait until you get home in the comforts of your own room where you can enjoy, be angered that a domain would be owned by such a perverse company.

While I’m not positive and I could be wrong.  I believe it is owned by the Amosely Corporation.   They could just be the company that the site redirects links to but it’s common practice to redirect adult traffic between all the different sites you own.  I do expect that there may be a little changing of hands in the next few weeks with this domain.  Time for a watch on the DNS with DomainTools.

PS I know you’re going to go anyway so I’m not putting a link or a screenshot.

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  1. They should have just gone a head and called it the “iPhone 5”. Saying “iPhone 4s” is a mouthful.

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