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Oops. Forgot to hit “publish” so a little late.  So happy to see Apple blow away the numbers. I make a lot of economic predictions and invest my money accordingly.  I’ve made a ton of wrong calls but I sticking to my guns in Apple over the last 10 years has more than made up for all the mistakes.  Domains can do the same thing. One great sale can more than offset the dust bunnies. Now onto the names.  Now THIS is something we all need  Never heard of cooking a roast basted in coffee but I may not be exactly on the right track of the definition of coffee roast.  Not a big coffee drinker.  1996 Birthday  13 year old domain. I didn’t realize there was a market for these until I put my home up for sale.  I wanted a fsbo type sign but something better than what I could do myself.  I ended up getting one online.   In case you’re wondering.   I sold the house but as you know, I’m a hell of a salesman.  Kingston will always be the capital of New York in my mind.  I don’t care what they changed it to.  1998 Domain  You’d only have to sell a few SSL certs to make this pay off.  Nice call to action domain.  13 year old domain  Get way way way ahead of the trends.  Everyone WILL have a robot and most certainly we’re going to need covers for them. 1996 Domain   Libraries are more than just a place where they keep books although after talking to some of my readers I will have to explain what a book is as well. 1999 Birthday  I think the 18,000 searches and the $11.73 CPC overcome the dot net  I don’t know if this domain has any value but I heard the bridge was falling down  I may be called this if my lists keep coming out like my last two.



Domain Spotlight:

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  1. “ …Everyone WILL have a robot and most certainly we’re going to need covers for them.”

    I do have a Robot.

    Unfortunately it’s claustrophobic so a cover won’t work.


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