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Wednesday’s Big List of Domains At Auction, Dropping, or For Sale Around the Net

Sorry for the late start today. Another speech last night that was 1 plus away from home. Combine that with sinus cold and I went immediately to bed and just got up. I’m looking for a quick cure today with a little pill of good domains. Here is today’s dose. Great name going for a solid price. One of the better cloud names in a while.

CloudApp.comThis one may actually sell for more.  I guess we all are this  A couple bars named this and also a term for two coins and a type of lady of the night. This one seems to be eternally up for sale.  Morgan should pick it up.  I’m guessing there are a few that throw in an extra y when typing.  Also guessing those that misspell are not the kind that are hardcore and buy kayak stuff.  It’s the kind WITHOUT mouse poop in it. I told you I was going to give you point out some great domains and it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Maybe elephant 15 year old domain. 12 year old horse  Good letters and everyone loves the double b   I’m going to buy this so take a look and keep on moving  This is becoming commonplace in the US.  You are now able to buy Independent power at better rates.  Valuate says I don’t know what I’m talking about and maybe they’re right   Going to go for big money.  Word of advice to Namejet.  If a large printing company buys the name, don’t take cash in payment. Four letter pronounceable names are doing well lately and this one is at $670 already  My kid would be all over this site. If only we could agree on how to spell theatre.  Valuate tells you that the theatre spelling is the one you want  1500 searches, $11 CPC and $2100 price


Domain Spotlight:

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  1. and are the two best names on this list by far. I can imagine the two of them fetching a price north of $200k together, considering how disruptive the cloud promises to be.

    And what’s up with It’s been in auction more times than Lindsay Lohan has been in rehab! is quite nice as well.

  2. Pretty good list.
    I wonder if HorseBalls are allowed as investments in alternative IRAs such as BullSemen? Wall Street Journal ran an article on March 3 on all sorts of things allowed in them (KoaTrees, lumber, tree farms, fishing rights, etc) Check it out if you don’t believe me.
    You weren’t kidding last week about Cloud names being on Hot. Lots of them going off today. just closed at $655 43 bids

  3. $24,000 129 bids $655 43 bids $705 42 bids
    Lots of action at GoDaddy auctions today similar to Apple on the NASDAQ. Cloud names are rolling. DemandWare (DWRE) a Cloud IPO being priced tonight.

  4. $32,010 164 bids $81 7 bids $505 23 bids
    Some others: $5396 356 bids $1472 48 bids $671 46 bids $681 40 bids $602 39 bids (say that 3 times) $425 33 bids $455 17 bids $916 41 bids $705 43 bids $505 9 bids closed out at $9
    Perfect for plenty of the overpaid CEOs out there nowadays

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