Domain Spotlight: Closes at $32,010 and CloudApp $24,000


The cloud domains took center stage over at GoDaddy Auctions and hit some pretty good prices.  Take a look at some of the solid final results  $32,010 $24,000 129 bids $655 43 bids $705 42 bids

Most of these domains looked to have the same original owner as they were all under whois privacy.  Its that same whois privacy that will most likely let them actually sell rather than be renewed after domain investors email him left and right trying to get him/her to renew and then sell.  The whois may not be getting to the owner.  No doubt there are people trying to track the original owner down but from what I’ve heard nobody has been successful which is good for both the auction winners and Godaddy.

Tomorrow is another cloud name up for sale. Not a bad name and contains the word cloud so I expect it to go over $100 (already at $55)

And while I have all you cloud people. Anyone want rowdycloud dot com? Only $300. Get it while it’s cheap 🙂

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18 Replies to “ Closes at $32,010 and CloudApp $24,000”

  1. Not bad. Not bad at all. I predicted that together, CloudApp and CloudServers might fetch $200k in a major auction (TRAFFIC, or even GreatDomains), but $50,000+ for the two is a good enough result as well, considering the marketplace.

  2. CloudServers and CloudApp are both nice domains. Better than the domains I see on the forums

  3. Let’s see if these bids get paid for, I have been in high bid auctions, where the high bidder, was just caught up, and can’t come up with funds in 3 days. I bet you same buyer both.

  4. I tried to make contact with the owner months ago, before they had come up for expiration. I also missed out on purchasing which went on Namejet in 2009 for $1400. The owner is now

  5. I am the lucky winner of domain auction.
    I missed out on … lost internet connection on iphone … regret it big time!

  6. Those are 2007 regs. No need to Bring Back the 90’s when one can get into niches & trends. Can’t wait to see when these auctions become more like exchanges and the trading community gets involved. These prices will seem tame a couple years from now. AppCloud at $1400 was an absolute steal!?!

  7. Anunt,

    Godaddy loves you, first indianjewelry for $16k, now this one, not sure why anyone would let these drop, let’s see if they get recovered, doubtful though. is way overpriced

  8. Someone should put the guy who let these drop on suicide watch once he finds out…

  9. I could’ve sworn i saw their info a few days ago. But, who knows with so many names I am seeing. Chris is BACK!!

  10. The person who let drop died in 2008, but had renewed their domain out a few years, it closed for $16K, so who really knows that happend to this person, last update was done Jan 2011, so looks like godaddy is going to get paid nicely on this.

  11. The owners of these GD expired domains have been all but impossible to reach lately. had a listed owner but could not be reached. Privacy makes it close to impossible.

  12. I’m very surprised that the owner of these doesn’t have a GD evecutive account rep. EA customers receive domain ‘protection’ for free which would have prevented them from ever expiring on accident. The whole thing is just very odd…

  13. Weird – I was going to say the new owner of may have to worry as Rackspace shows a TM next to their CloudServers service, but I just looked up in TESS and don’t see a TM in there for it (there is one for Cloud Server though by another company).

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