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Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-23-12

If you don’t believe in global warning you might after this year.  Its supposed to get to 100 degrees here and I am preparing. I am doing my domain lists in the early morning instead of in the mid day heat. I am also drinking tons of water while I type these out.  I am going to be very careful.  You don’t want to overheat while you’re working.  Here are today’s names.

DreamStop.comI think this is going higher than expected because of the lack of quality names coming through. Spenders gotta spend  Speaking of spending. once again has a strong lineup ending today, starting with this spectacular numeric   Another nice one

84v.comWe’ve talked about the NNL’s right? If not, I’ll remind you how flippable they are  I took one of these so I know they exist.  Not to give it away but it was one of the waiters that did it.   Nice sports domain.  13 years old and even better, no bidders  The super high CPCs are what is driving this one.  Hosting site can make BIG money  Four strong letters but not a tremendous amount of bidders  Love this name. Its a great generic for an online art showcase People install them, naked old men use them.  No bidders  OK not that great but it has no bidders and its in the dictionary so its not all that bad.  You could do worse

If you think you can  do better with a hand register here’s a 4.95 code. Go Here and put in the code gofx2005hd

Domain Spotlight:

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