Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 2-29-12

Feb 29 2012

I want to start off this morning by stating the obvious.  We have a new sponsor of the Big List here on DomainShane,  As I stated the other day, if a domain seller won’t take then you should be wary.  With the help of a friend (thank you very much friend) I was put in touch with Escrow and I’m excited and proud to be working with as the sponsor.  I’m sure most of you do anyway but if you find a good name of this list, think of me and think of  I do the work and they make sure it’s worth my time.  Now onto the names and make sure to enjoy the free day today.   A few letters better than  12 year old domain.  Following the same rationale as the sales ranges at Domain Name Sales.  Only 9 bidders on the easy to say and spell domain.  Well, now there’s 10 after my bid.   I can remember this so others should as well.  Then again I have an incredible add big numbers, without a calculator,  type of brain.  NO Bidders Another one I thought I would steal and then realized I had to stand in line to do it.  With all my experience I’ve learned if you have to stand in line for anything you’re probably not going to get a good deal.  Pretty self explanatory.  Not very expensive for a solid 13 year old domain  I don’t love this name but a decent dating service name.  But I might be scarred by my similar name I used for a takeout service that went horribly wrong.  Didn’t get the clientele I was looking for.  The callers always had a real husky voice and never ordered food.  Not sure this is a verb but what the hell  A type of porn.  I used to use the “oi” typo all the time.  People drag their fingers when they reach the left fingers out.  I won’t mention what they will do after they get where they’re going.  I think this is certainly worth $250  Love it.  Hate fishing.  Love catching.

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  1. Trico

    “ …takeout service …went horribly wrong. Didn’t get the clientele I was looking for. The callers always had a real husky voice and never ordered food.


    You should have used a 900# for then things would have worked out differently.

  2. Jeff

    Shane –

    Forgot to follow up, appreciated the heads up on the GD deal a few days back. Decided to pick up my first cloud domain. Bought 3 yrs of (no dash), thanks again for great content.

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